(Aad Granth Sahib - Page 1013)

While advertising Sri Aad Granth Sahib as Guru, many times the Dohra 'Aagya Bhei Akal Ki..' (along with other fake/altered banis) is reinforced in order to influence the audience.

This Dohra was first introduced in the third publishing (which was named appropriately as 'SECOND edition') of the Great Sikh Literature; Panth Parkash by Giani Gian Singh Ji.

-*It is also worth noting that in this third publication, the fact that Guru Gobind Singh Ji transferred Guruship to Guru Balak Singh Ji was also left intact.*-

Today, this Dohra is being sold in two flavours:
1. As a Sri Mukh Vaak (Gurbani Spoken by Guruji).
2. Rehitnama of Bhai Prehlad Singh.

However, it is widely accepted that the first flavour is a definite fake, since it is found neither in Dasam Granth nor any other Historical Literature.

Thus, the claim for it  to be a Rehitnama of Bhai Prehlad Singh, a Sikh who served Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji, should be investigated.

Like many other ordinary fibs, it takes only a few seconds to find out the authenticity of this bani.

The date of composition mentioned in this bani is 1752 Bikarmi, a date that was 4 years prior to Creation of Khalsa in 1756 Bikarmi (1699 AD)! This fact certainly does not add up. According to the Singh Sabha leaders, it's believed by them that Granth Sahib became guru in the year 1708 AD. (When Guru Sahib left Nander), but this bani says that guruship was transferred about 13 years before the incident!

The next issue is: When was guruship given to Aad Granth Sahib?

There are FOUR other dates that are claimed to be the time when guruship was transferred:

1. Katak Sudi 2nd, according to 'Takhat' Sach Khand and as printed on most volumes.

2. Katak Sudi 3rd, according to the SECOND edition (Third publication) of Panth Parkash.

3. Katak Sudi 4th, from an altered version of Sri Guru Sobha.

4. Katak Sudi 5th, mentioned by Munshi Sant Singh.

-*Gurgaddi was transferred to Guru Balak Singh in 1812 AD (1869 Bikarmi, Vaisakh Sudi 10th). And there's only ONE date to this Fact!*-

This difference in date probably happened because of the inability of Singh Sabha leaders to co-ordinate with each other as well as the Pujaris sitting at different Temples to fix a single date.

The next issue is: 'How' was guruship transferred?

Some say that when Guru Sahib gave guruship to the volume of Aad Granth Sahib, He Verbally Dictated the entire granth which was recorded by Bhai Mani Singh. It is also further fabricated that the specific volume contained only 1 letter that was different than that of the Original Aad Granth Sahib. This entire fabrication is not mentioned in any Sikh Literature written before the creation of Singh Sabha Lahore and neither is there any other valid proof to support it.

According to Bhai Kahn Singh of Nabha, a famous Singh Sabha scholar whose great-grandfather served Guru Sahib when Guruji disguised Himself as Baba Ajaypal Singh Ji, it was admitted that such an incident never took place. In fact, Bhai Kahn Singh even accepted that there was no volume of Aad Granth present at Nander when the incident happened! But he, being an englishmen-influenced person (Singh Sabhia) said that Guru Sahib transferred Gurgaddi in the similar manner as Guru Harkrishan Sahib Ji transferred Guruship to Guru Tegbahader Sahib Ji.

This tremendously confuses one who wants to know the truth, even those who believed whole-heartedly in granth-guru. For firstly there are 4 different dates, and secondly there are 2 different fairy-tales to go along with those dates!

*In order to prove beyond the smallest trace of doubt that Sri Aad Granth Sahib was never given Gurgaddi by Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the following Historical Books may be quoted:

1) AmarNama: This Book was successfully written by Nathmal Dhadi, a Hazuri Ragi in The Darbar of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji, on 31st October 1708. Only 24 days after Guruji's Actions at Nander. In this book, he has written the following regarding Satguruji's last Thoughts and Hukam:

(Translation: My Wish is to follow the Path of Amar Jeevan(Immortal Life). May The Almighty Spread Happiness. My Sikhs should stay to themselves and listen to Kirtan from Dhadis. [No where is it written that Guruji gave Gurgaddi to Aad Granth Sahib])

2) Sri Guru Sobha: This book was successfully written in 1768 Bikarmi, about 3 years after Guruji's actions at Nander. Though some believe it to be completed in 1798 Bikarmi it still does not make much difference since the author, Kavi Sainapat, was a Hazuri Kavi(Poet) in The Darbar of Satguru Gobind Singh Ji and his work is considered a highly reliable source of Sikh History. Regarding Satguruji's final Actions at Nander, Kaviji has written the following:

(Translation: At that time, the Singhs woke up. When Guruji Announced Vaihguruji Ki Fateh the final time. The Singhs were all in a shock. Whatever questions they had in their minds, remained unanswered, and nothing could be asked from The Guru. [No where is it written that Guruji gave Gurgaddi to Aad Granth Sahib])

3) IbratNama Swaneh: This book was written by Mirza Muhammad Harsi in Farsi. The volume was completed in 1718 A.D. covering The History of the Sikhs from 1703 A.D. to 1718 A.D. but again it is no where mentioned that Guruji gave Gurgaddi to Granth Sahib. Rather, he has written that Baba Ajit Singh, an adopted son of Mata Sundriji, was the next guru after Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

4) IbratNama 1722 A.D.: This book was written by Syed Muhammad Kasim Hussein of Lahore. He has written similarly as the older IbratNama and again, there's no mention of Granth Sahib being proclaimed guru in this book.

5) IbratMakaal: Written in Farsi by the same author, Muhammad Kasim, in 1731 A.D. He has written that The Guru was attacked by a Pathan and His Sikhs conducted His funeral using Chandan wood. Again, no mention of Granth Sahib being proclaimed guru.

6) Chahar Gulshan Akhbaar Al Nivadaar(Chatur Gulshan Khulasa Al Nivadaar): Written in Farsi in 1759 A.D. by Rai Chatarmaan. He has written very clearly that Guruji DIDNOT give Gurgaddi to anyone at Nander but many of His Sikhs believed guru Ajit Singh to be the person on the Gurgaddi.

7) A few pamphlets, as admitted by dr. ganda singh - a singh sabha writer, had also been written on the Sikhs in eighteenth century by men like Antoine L. H. Polier(in 1780 A.D.), William Franklin(between 1798-1803) etc., and none of them contain any information regarding Sri Aad Granth Sahib being given The Gurgaddi.

8) A Journey from Bengal to England: Written by George Forster in 1798 A.D. has the following regarding Sikh History and belief:

"...and a tradition delivered to the Sicques(Sikhs) limited their priests to teh number of ten, induced them to appoint no successor to Gobind Singh."

Again, no mention of Sri Aad Granth Sahib being guru.

9) Majma Al Akhbar: Written by Harsukh Rai starting from 1214(1709 A.D.) Hijri and ending in 1220 Hijri(1805 A.D.). He had the following to say about Sikh's Gurus:

(Translation: Guru Gobind Singh was the final Guru after Guru Nanak. [No where is it written that Guruji gave Gurgaddi to Aad Granth Sahib])

10) Miratul Ehvaal: Writen by Ahmed Bin Muhammad Ali in 1810 A.D. He has written that all of The Guru's sons were Martyred and hence there was no successor of His after Him:

[No where is it written that Guruji gave Gurgaddi to Aad Granth Sahib]

11) Twarikhay Sikha: Written by Khusvakat Rai in 1812 A.D. He has again written similarly as the other writers of the time stating that The Sikh's Gurus were only from Guru Nanak to Guru Gobind Singh. No any other:

[No where is it written that Guruji gave Gurgaddi to Aad Granth Sahib]

12) The Court and Camp of Ranjeet Singh: Written by W. G. Osborne in 1840 A.D. He had the following to say about about The Sikh's Gurus:

"The tenth and the last of their spiritual leaders was called Gobind Singh, whose plans of ambition were different from those of his predecessor Nanak (Page XIX)"
[No where is it written that Guruji gave Gurgaddi to Aad Granth Sahib]

13) Khalis Nama Min Tasneef Rattan Chand Bal: Written in Farsi in 1846 A.D., it clearly stated his belief that The Guru left His Body in 1765 Bikarmi in the month of Bhadon on the Blessed land of Sri Abchal Nagar. Again, nothing about Granth Sahib being given Gurgaddi is mentioned.

14) Twarikhay Punjab Az Tasneef Gulam Muhiudeen Uraf Butay Shah: Written in 1848 A.D., it only states that The Guru Remained on His Throne for 32 years and 11 months and left His Body in 1765 Bikarmi on Katak Sudi 5th. No mention of Guruji giving Guruship to anyone or anything is made in this publication.

15) Travels in Kashmir and the Punjab: Written by Baron Charles Hugal in 1845 A.D., who stayed as a guest of the Maharaja, Ranjeet Singh, and had the following, written on page 263, to say about Sikh History:

"The office of the Guru, however, was not filled up; first, because the Sikhs long expected the return of Gobind Singh, of whose death they never received any certain information; and also, when after so long time had elapsed since his escape, that the fact of his death could no longer be doubted, the whole of their society, if I may so express it, had undergone a change, Gobind Singh has remained up to this time the last acknowledged spiritual head of the Sikhs."

So here it is crystal clear that The majority of the Sikhs did not believe in any other Guru other than Guru Gobind Singh even so long after the incident at Nander in 1708 A.D.!

16) Sketch of the Sikhs: Written by Malcolm Lt. Col. in London in 1812 A.D. He has the following to say about Sikhism:

"This sect, as has been before stated, have never admitted a spiritual leader since the death of Guru Gobind Singh." (Page 89)

17) The History of The Sikhs: Written by W. L. McGregor and published in London in 1846 A.D. He has written 'Banda Bairagi' to be the next guru of The Sikhs after Guru Gobind Singh.

18) Panth Parkash: Written by Rattan Singh Bhangoo in 1841 A.D. in which he stated The Names of all Sikh Gurus. But no where is 'guru granth sahib' or 'guru panth khalsa' ever found after Guru Gobind Singh.

19) Sri Gurpartap Suraj(Suraj Parkash): Written by Kavi Bhai Santokh Singhji in 1843 A.D. He has infact written that it was the Eighth Avatar of Guru Nanak, Sri Guru Harkrishan Sahib Ji, who once attempted to give Gurgaddi to Sri Aad Granth Sahib but It was rejected by The Sikhs of the time who requested Him that people such as Dhirmal would all sit with a Bir(Volume) in their hands and fabricate Its translations in order to control people!

Regarding Guru Gobind Singh Ji's Actions at Nander, however, Kaviji had clearly written that The Guru told Kavi Alam Singh how He would secretly take care of The Khalsa and remain incognito in The Eleventh Avatar:

Therefore, considering all the above mentioned reliable literature, all written well before The Initiation of The Sant Khalsa(Namdhari) by Satguru Ram Singh Ji Maharaj(In 1857 A.D.), it is clear that The Sikhs themselves were very much hopeful that The Guru would surely return. Whereas the muslims were led to believe that there was either no other guru or that either Banda Bahader or Ajit Singh was the next guru. No where is it ever mentioned that Guruji Gave Guruship to Sri Aad Granth Sahib or Panj Pyare or Panth Khalsa!*

So What really is the Truth? How were the Granth, Panj Pyares and Panth proclaimed gurus by the singh sabha and "WHY"? To fully understand the truth, one must know the history of Punjab after Satguruji were sent to exile in 1872.